Colombian Coffee


We are proud to introduce our single-origin Colombian coffee. This coffee is a boutique of incredible stone fruit sweetness enhanced by a well-balanced, clean finish. Exceptional for filter brewing, this coffee will rekindle your love for specialty coffee.


Rivas Coffee is proud to offer our Colombian coffee. Indeed, our light roasted Colombian coffee will rekindle your love for specialty coffee. It is a washed coffee that embraces a stone-fruit sweetness, juicy body, and chocolate taste. In addition, this coffee features the most original and unaltered coffee profile from origin, since it is sourced as a single-origin coffee. We offer our Colombian coffee beans in 12 oz or 5 lb. coffee bag sizes.

Colombian Coffee Delivery

You will receive your Colombian coffee delivery in 2-3 business days. We ensure that your coffee is roasted to order and delivered on-time at the proper location. If you would like your Colombian coffee delivery automatically shipped on a weekly or monthly basis, try our subscription coffee box.

How many cups of coffee are in a pound?

You can make 16 twelve-ounce cups of coffee in a pound. Although the amount of coffee grams per cup depends on the brew method, if you use a drip coffee maker or french press, you will certainly make 16 cups of coffee. Therefore, we recommend buying two bags of coffee to get you through the month. However, if you need more than two bags of coffee, we recommend buying our 5 lb coffee bag.

Need bulk coffee delivered?

Rivas Coffee is a professional wholesale coffee supplier that can provide affordable bulk coffee. If you need large amounts of coffee beans, we can gladly supply you. Please visit our wholesale coffee page to learn more.

Why our Colombian coffee?

Here at Rivas Coffee, we source our single-origin coffees from small farmers dedicated to excellence. We are willing to pay higher market prices to ensure ethnically sustainable farms, traceability, and high-quality flavors for our customers. Our coffee team tests all coffee beans before purchasing to provide a higher coffee standard. Moreover, each batch is skillfully roasted with care and precision. Our coffee roastery strives to produce unique, evenly roasted coffee.

Additional information


12 oz | 340 g




Cundinamarca & Boyaca


Local Producers


1200-2000 masl




Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Tasting Notes

stone fruit, juicy, chocolate


Houston, TX

Product Use

Cold Brew, Drip, Espresso, Pour Over

Whole Bean or Ground

Whole Bean, Ground

Coffee Bag Size

12 oz coffee bag, 5 lb coffee bag

Roast Level

Light Roast